Phases of treatment of fracture in physiotherapy

Introduction: Fractures are a common orthopedic injury requiring comprehensive rehabilitation to restore function and mobility. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the treatment of fractures, with specialized protocols designed to address each phase of recovery. In this guide, we’ll outline the typical phases of fracture rehabilitation and the corresponding physiotherapy interventions to aid in optimal healing and recovery.

1. Acute Phase (Immediate Post-Injury): During the acute phase, the focus is on pain management, swelling reduction, and preventing muscle atrophy. Passive range of motion exercises may be initiated to prevent joint stiffness, along with the use of modalities like ice and compression to control inflammation.

2. Subacute Phase (1-6 weeks post-injury): In the subacute phase, gentle active and passive range of motion exercises are introduced to restore joint mobility. Progressive weight-bearing activities may be initiated based on the fracture type and location. Strengthening exercises for surrounding muscles are performed without compromising the healing fracture.

3. Intermediate Phase (6-12 weeks post-injury): During the intermediate phase, there is a gradual progression of weight-bearing exercises and functional activities. Specific exercises target strength, flexibility, and balance, with a focus on proprioceptive training to enhance coordination and body awareness.

4. Advanced Healing Phase (12 weeks onwards): In the advanced healing phase, there is continued progression of weight-bearing and resistance exercises. Functional activities mimicking daily tasks and sports-specific movements are incorporated, with an emphasis on achieving pre-injury levels of strength, flexibility, and function.

5. Return to Activity Phase: The final phase involves sport-specific training and activities, with a focus on optimizing biomechanics and preventing re-injury. A gradual return to normal activities is guided by a physiotherapist, ensuring a safe and successful transition back to full activity levels.

In conclusion, fracture rehabilitation is a comprehensive process involving multiple phases of treatment and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy plays a critical role in each phase, guiding patients through targeted exercises and interventions to facilitate optimal healing and return to function. At Arunalaya Healthcare, our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to providing personalized care and support to help patients achieve their recovery goals.

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