Haglund Disease

It is a painful condition of the heel caused by mechanically induced inflammation of the
retrocalcaneal bursa, supracancaneal bursa and Achillies tendon.
The bump is usually due to an abnormality in foot function or bone position that creates shoe
friction around the natural bony prominence at the back of the heel.
The primary symptoms of Haglund deformity are
A) bump on the back of the heel
B) pain
C) swelling
D) callouses on and around the bump
Haglund deformity is believed to be caused by
A) high arches
B) tight achillies tendon
C) walking on outer edges of foot
D) Tight or poor fitting shoes
E) Abnormal biomechanics of foot due to joint misalignment.
Management of Hanglund deformity
First Non surgical treatment will be recommended .
Although there is no treatment to cure this deformity. Surgical interventions may also cause
bony bump again.
Some nonsurgical treatment choices include:
1) wear a shoe having rigid back.
2)placing heel lifts in shoes to help bring the heel up and avoid friction.
3)using heel pads inside the backs of shoes to help reduce irritation and friction on the heel.
4)people having high arches can use arch support inside the shoes.
5) analgesics can help in releiving pain symptom
6)cryotherapy can be done to reduce the inflammation and pain.
7) stretching exercises should be done for tight Achilles tendon.
8)avoiding climbing and running up hill. It will put more friction on bony prominence and will
alleviate pain.
9)use a soft cast that will reduce friction on the bone.
● If conservstive treatments will not relieve symptoms, the doctor may recommend surgery to
remove the part of the heel bone that sticks out.
Exercises therapy
According to the american college of foot and ankle surgeons,
1) heel raise
Stand with both feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. If you need support, steady yourself
with your hand on a wall or table. Hold for a few seconds, then lower the heels.Hold for 5–10
seconds, and then slowly lower the heels to the ground.
Repeat this exercise 10 times twice a day.
2) Heel drop
Begin by standing with one foot on a step and the heel raised up. Slowly lower the heel down
keeping the leg straight untill the foot is parallel to the ground but not further. Then come to the
starting position. Hold for 5 to 7 secs. Repeat to the normal position and repeat 10 times twice
a day.
3) heelcord stretch
While sitting on the ground, place the center of the towel around the ball of your foot while
holding each end of the towel with your hands. Lay on your back and raise your affected leg
while you pull on the towel ends untill you feel a stretch behind your leg.Hold for 7seconds.
Repeat this exercise 10 times twice a day.
4) towel stretch
Sit on the floor with both legs out .
Wrap a towel around one foot, holding both ends.Gently pull on the towel, pulling the ball of
the foot toward the body. There should be a gentle stretch in the calf muscle.Hold for 30
seconds and relax for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times twice a day.
5)Towel scrunches
Keep a towel on the ground in front of the chair, then sit down on the chair with your heels on
the edge of thetowel. With one foot, reach out and use your toes to grab the towel, then pull the
towel towards you under your feet. Repeat this until you run out of towel, then repeat the whole
exercise 10 times thrice a day.