Frozen Shoulder

Ouch! My shoulder hurts when I’m trying to move it! I feel some restriction in moving the shoulder! THis is a very common problem, which people face mostly in 40’s. There are certain conditions which be a secondary reason for this condition known as Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis. The main causes for this condition are: an injury to the elbow or the shoulder itself which causes stiffness of this joint, Diabetes, Cervical Spondilitis, Post CABG, etc. The person will face certain difficulties in peroforming the ADLs, which can be wearing a vest, combing hair, scratching the back etc. The range of motion of the shoulder, the flexion, extension and the rotation, are restricted, and the patient may recover from 1 year to 3 years. Physiotherapy plays an inevitable role in the recovery of the shoulder. There are certain things which a patient can do at home like hot water fermentation, applying some medicated oils, til oil, warm coconut oil can help in reducing the pain. There are certain exercises which a patient has to do everyday, which will help to restore the normal function of the shoulder. One must visit a physiotherapist when a person is diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder. There are certain physiotherapy treatment available like electrotherapy, Soft Tissue Releases, Dry Needling, Taping, Range of Motion exercises, Joint Mobilizations, Strengtehning and Stretching exercises. The patient must learn the exercises properly.