Musculoskeletal Condition

Musculoskeletal Condition

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is specialized field of physical therapy treatment for patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder/condition.
Musculoskeletal physiotherapists assess and treat patients with musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, muscle strains, tendonitis .Problems may occur without or due to any particular reasons e.g. postural strain, degenerative age related changes, work or activity related injuries , fractures or post-surgery etc.

These types of conditions can be relieved through various advanced treatment techniques like -

  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Dry needling
  • Therapeutic taping
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation
  • Exercise therapy
  • Electrotherapy

Benefits of musculoskeletal physiotherapy -

  • Improves muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improves joint range of motion
  • Enhance quality of movement
  • Improves balance or coordination
  • Helps in pain relief
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Improve self-dependency
  • Helps to fitness goals

MSK physiotherapy includes injuries affecting -

  • Bones
  • Muscle
  • Cartilage
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Joints
  • Joints
Steps followed in Pain Free Zone


We give time to listen to your problems patiently and assess you in order to know the aggravating and relieving factors, know the cause of the problem.


Examination is done through some physical tests, scans if needed and then diagnosis is made and discussed with you.


The best treatment is explained to you for your condition. Duration, type and details of treatment are given so that you can get back to work and your daily activities at the earliest.

Symptoms of Musculoskeletal pain can include:

  • Aching
  • Stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Restriction in range of motion
  • Vertigo
  • Twitch or flickers in muscles
  • Strained or pulled out feeling


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